About Me

I am a wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother to eight beautiful grandchildren ranging in age from 6 to 24. I love God with all of my heart, and my faith in a Christian, Biblical worldview does inspire my actions and inform my life.

I combined my passion for people and love of communication skills by earning a B.S. in elementary education and a M.S.E. with an emphasis on reading instruction from the University of Kansas. I am a transplanted Midwesterner who has claimed Virginia my second “home” since the mid-1980s. Having retired from a career in education to turn more fully to writing, I have written prolifically over the past years. Using my educational background, I have written for the educational publishing market, mostly in the area of language arts and social studies instruction. Beyond instructional curriculum development, hundreds of my stories and articles have been published in textbooks and ancillary materials to help students of all ages learn how to comprehend the various intricacies of fiction and non-fiction texts. Apart from that, I have enjoyed writing devotional articles, Christian Sunday School curriculum for children, and more recently,  writing novels.

I began writing stories about the importance of faith and having a relationship with God when I was only a little girl. I remember vividly when I took my printed hand-bound “book” and shared it in secret with my dearest cousins one evening after lights out. It was like the biggest secret in the world, and I shared how important knowing God was with the assistance of a flashlight. My book title was “The Golden Keys to Knowing God.” It seems so funny now, and I wonder what my cousins thought of that after hours revelation! I should ask sometime if anyone remembers it.

While teaching middle schoolers the joy of reading young adult fiction, I observed a dearth of books with wholesome virtues and ideals. As my love for sharing God’s truth matured, my ambitions merged allowing me opportunity to write again about the things of faith. My most recent work has been a young adult historical fiction novel about a teen who wonders where God is when her dreams of becoming a professional musician are squashed. If He equipped her, why did this happen, she wonders? The story is not yet in print, but hopefully, will find its publisher soon! His Gift is the title and you will be hearing more about Molly and her discovery of peace and joy despite the trial.

I also have several devotional articles published on CBN.com. Search for the list of authors to look them up. Stay tuned for more.